Why Does Your e-Commerce Website Needs a Mobile App

It was in the early 2000s when the brick and mortar e-commerce industry made the transformation of moving to desktops and made their web presence.

The websites that acted as the bridge between the users and the retail businesses, all operated to achieve one primal aim – to send the website visitors to the brick and mortar store.

But as the time passed by, the aim shifted too. The businesses could no more afford to rely on the websites to send the customers to their shops, they had to change the website model.

This new realization gave birth to a new kind of website – ones which had functionalities like Add to Cart or in-website Payments, that would enable users to buy items off of the business’s website instead of visiting their physical store.

Now since the past ten years the tables have turned again. And while there are a good percent of businesses that have taken the cue and have moved on to the platform where their users are, there are a number of others that still haven’t taken the cue.

The profit guaranteeing cue that we are talking about is Mobile. The buyer demographics that is open to buying a product without seeing its physical state in a brick and mortar shop – has now moved on to a new platform – mobile.

By making a presence on Mobile with e-Commerce app development, you can get the best of both – You will be able to cater to the demographics that thrives on immediacy and secondly, You will get an access to all the analytics and data that will give you a direct insight into the purchase cycle of the users and look at the buying trends.

There are a number of other benefits that you can draw from investing in an e-commerce app development company and expanding your business to a platform where everybody lives and breaths, let us look at some of them –

  • Increased Chances of Customer Loyalty

When you move your business to a mobile app, you become an icon that rest on the users’ mobile for them to look everytime they unlock their screen. Mix this with a planned notification system where you keep reminding users of the app, and you will get a set of users who become hooked to your e-Commerce app.

  • Greater Chances of Going Social

The fact that the smartphone users are logged into their social media profiles at all times, the probability of them sharing the link of their purchase or the referral code with their known ones using platforms like WhatsApp or Instagram are higher than when you ask them to share their referral code from desktop.

  • Mobile Personalization

When your app gets live on a user’s device, you get the access to the device’s in-built features like GPS and Camera etc. By tracking down the user’s geographical location, you can offer them location based offers and by asking them to click photos of your business’s merchandise and sharing them on their social media, will get you a ready-made client testimonial page.

While there hundreds of different benefits that brands like Amazon and Etsy attribute to their decision to go mobile, the ones that we have mentioned above are enough for you to get started in the mobile world.

Can you think of any other benefit that e-Commerce businesses can draw from going mobile? Let us know in the comment below.

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