Why VoIP Is the Way to Go

If you want to expand on your business communications system, you have to rid yourself of old-style PBX systems and look to the cloud. By choosing a VoIP phone system for communications, you can manage a large number of extensions as well as make unlimited calls every day. So, if you are desiring functionality in communications, VoIP is the way to go.

Bespoke Designs and Configurations

VoIP or a cloud PBX system can be provided in a bespoke design, depending on your business and your client base. That way, you can customise your VoIP system to meet the exact needs of your company or professional practice. So, whatever you want your phone system to do, you can find a tailor-made plan to fit your operations.

So, you can choose between software-based phones or SIP phones that feature conventional handsets, and you can have a system configured to your exact requirements. Your new IP phone system will therefore assist you in meeting the business needs of the twenty-first century.

A PBX Manager and a Choice of Phone Numbers

For example, some of the features you can include in a VoIP-based phone system include a PBX manager, your choice of phone numbers, specific hardware, softphones, and customised messaging. To give you an idea of what to expect, a feature such as a Birchills PBX manager is a cloud-based network that supplants the need for a traditional PBX. Instead, the cloud-based model provides you with all the communications you need without any additional cost.

You can also select your phone numbers, as mentioned, for international cover. That means you can make calls, connect numbers, or divert them on demand. You can also reserve new numbers of port in your current listings.

Record Messages

A cloud-based system also supports all your hardware and softphones. Some of the hardware is even provided free of charge. You can also use the updated system to record messages to make a great business impression. Businesses are normally charged one low fee, and then they can keep the messages without any additional rental fees.

When you use a provider for this type of communications, they can take care of the needs of companies both small to large. So, you can make use of this type of virtual service as a single user with exchanges within an office or as a large-scale company that features a corporate structure. Therefore, thousands of extensions can be employed in various geographical locales.

Needless to say, VoIP is the wave of the future in terms of scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. This type of system is not only easy to install, it is also supported by support engineers that are easily accessible. If you want to streamline your telephone communications then and display a professional image, you need to look to the cloud to realise your business objectives.

A VoIP system is easy to set up and enables a business to communicate easily with its customers at an affordable price. If you do not use this type of system already, you need to review its merits for yourself.

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