Working late? Your TV has your back

Let your TV record your favourite show while you put in late hours at the office. Just buy DTH connection from Airtel and never miss a TV show again.

Life often seems unfair, doesn’t it? In a bid to provide us with all that we need for our own security, it extracts time and effort from us. It’s a familiar scenario for most working people – you miss out on many important moments in life, you hardly have the time to indulge your hobbies, you don’t even have time to watch your favourite shows and movies.

But wait – this last part can be remedied quite easily. Just buy a DTH connection for your house, preferably from a leading provider like Airtel. The next time you work late at the office, let the DTH record your favourite TV show.

Why buy DTH connection from Airtel?

A DTH connection is a marked improvement over your usual cable TV network. You get superior picture and sound quality, and the chance to choose the channels that you are interested in watching. Besides, you can buy an affordable monthly pack with the option of changing it at a later date. When you buy a DTH connection from Airtel, you can easily recharge the connection every month using the Airtel website or the myAirtel app.

When you buy a DTH connection from Airtel, you get a huge variety of channels, across different genres and languages. Whether English or regional, you are free to choose your language and channel pack.

  • You can have your pick of various HD and SD channels, apart from a wide variety of GECs, movies, sports, etc.
  • You can record a programme on the DTH set top box. So you could be at the office really late or out with friends, and your favourite TV show will be waiting for you when you return.
  • Airtel DTH gives you DVD quality video, with sharp, deep picture resolution.
  • Airtel DTH has a simple and easy installation and setup process, with one remote control for the TV as well as the set top box.
  • The DTH software does not suffer any time lags when switched on since it loads quickly. it also does not show any disturbance during heavy rainfall or gusty winds, which is often seen with other DTH connections. This is an important feature, especially when an important sporting match is on and you cannot afford any interruptions.
  • Anybody at all can operate the DTH connection – the interface is interactive and self-explanatory.
  • Buying a DTH connection from Airtel has another important advantage: modifying the pack and recharging the connection is really easy. You can do it on the Airtel website or on the myAirtel app.

So the next time you silently curse your fate for missing out all the prime time TV action because you’re busy attending to life, don’t. Just buy a DTH connection and sort your TV viewing habits once and for all.


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