Everyone wants to own a luxury yacht or also known as super-yacht which is considered as one of the most expensive leisure boat out there. It’s so luxurious it has its own crew.

In the boat building industry, there is no exact distinction between a superyacht and mega-yacht; the only legal distinction these two have is its sizes in an obvious manner. Other distinction is that the bigger the yacht, the more crew members it needs.

Compared to standard boats, Luxury yachts, mega-yachts, or super-yachts does not have its own home port but it has to be registered in a  port of the country and is identified by its flag state. Popular flag states are Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Isle of Man, and the British Virgin Islands, among others.

Aside from luxury yacht, there’s another variety of this boats, the prestige luxury motor yachts that are designed as your second home on the water. Some of these yachts cost around a million dollars or Euros but it can be rented for a period of time which costs the same amount as buying one. Yachts will dock in a port of choice while the crew does maintenance work and waits for owners or guests to arrive.

These vessels are bound for short cruises with the owners or the guests aboard. Some of this yachts are used exclusively by its owners while others are operated all year round for charter businesses while a large number of these are privately owned but can be rented.

Yachts that are open for renting or charter cruises are usually found in the Caribbean and other pristine islands around the world, however renting one costs a lot of money because of its luxurious amenities and services while you are on board that includes your food, your drinks, and activities that are included in that charter rate.

Chartering a luxury yacht when you are on vacation is one way to enjoy your experience  since most charter cruises offers not just its luxurious amenities and services but it also provides exciting activities while you are aboard; this includes parties, watersports, scuba diving, island hopping and more.

When you opt for a rental yacht, you are bound to have a different experience because you will be out on the sea, enjoying the comfy that only a luxury yacht can provide. You also get to visit some exotic locations that you would never visit while on a normal cruise. Although it is quite expensive, just imagine that you are one of the very few people who got the chance to visit this exotic places.

Most luxury chartered yachts has its own seasoned chefs who are well skilled in preparing wide range of dishes and the menus on these yachts have a larger variety varied and you have the opportunity to pick what you want.


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