Your Checklist for Pre-Employment Assessment Preparation

Hiring and candidate screening processes keep the HR community on its toes throughout the year to ensure they are fully equipped to bring onboard the best, productive talent. The availability of popular, error-free, pre-screening online assessment platforms and services in the market has helped organizations reduce the complexity of the overall hiring process. But, HR experts strongly believe in the caveat that pre-planning and proactive interventions are a must to simplify their hiring decisions and avert costly risks.

The need and urgency to recruit new staff can sometimes push the HR personnel to remain oblivious to their blind spots. A thorough planning and preparation based on the company’s expectations, market and hiring trends, administrative limitations, documentation, HR policies and induction methods aid them to foster a consistent, error-free approach to hiring.

This means that hiring department of every organization should tick off each of these below tasks in their pre-employment assessment checklist before hiring:

Choosing Best Online Assessment Solutions: There are numerous online assessment platforms in the market but the HR department has to first test and decide the tool that is best for their hiring needs and fit their budget.  This calls for examination of the software tools to see if they match their workloads, streamline hiring workflows, integrate with social media and networking sites and conduct online tests and interviews in a way the employer plans to carry out.

Setting Eligibility Criteria: This a crucial task for any organization where the employer has to outline a set of qualities and skill-set they wish to seek from a prospective candidate for the job they have in hand. It involves researching and analysing to identify the amount of experience, key technical, interpersonal and managerial skills fit for a particular job, educational background, location, etc to mention in the hiring platforms.

Attracting Suitable Applicants: Upon selecting a suitable way to inform about a job opening, eligibility and other relevant information, the HR has work upon a strategy that attracts the attention of the job seekers as well as reach the potential candidates. This involves extensive observation of the online hiring trends and use of social network sites for job search and selecting an ideal online platform to reach prospective clients. This process may also include contacting headhunters, collaborating with online media and news websites to advertise about their current job vacancies or simply posting on the company’s social sites.

Customising Tests and Online Review Methods on Assessment Solutions: At this state, the HR department can get busy with the preparation of tests, questionnaires and screening methods and customizing according to the job role or department. The idea behind this preparation is to stay equipped to screen the appropriate candidate for the right job role without any confusion.

Pre-planning the Selection Process: Post the testing and screening process, the HR personnel should walk the applicants through the next steps of interview just before the final selection process. For this, the HR department has to fully plan the tasks like sharing the test results with the concerned departments, running background checks, compensation related discussion with the payroll department, scheduling final rounds and final selection to induction.

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